Where the collectors gather

Ali and Foreman’s Rumble in the Jungle. Audrey Hepburn’s little black dress. Neil Armstrong’s ‘One small step’ speech.

Some things will be remembered forever. A story unfolded in real time and history got a new chapter. Special happened, and an iconic event formed indelibly in the world’s consciousness.

You’ll notice all of these events are associated with a particular place. The Congo. Tiffany’s New York. The moon.

And for art? Where is art’s special place? Where is its spiritual home? Where does art live?


More stories, more news, more culture has flowed through our doors the past 200 years than anywhere else.

1823: the sale of Napoleon’s library. 1937: the BBC-televised Rothschild auction. 1968: the Taylor-Burton ring that broke the $1 million barrier. 1987: the sale of Einstein’s earliest manuscript of The Theory of Relativity.

We could go on. And we will. We will continue to enthral, captivate and surprise, and give the world things to talk about. We will continue to be the cathedral for collectors.

Art is not something that hangs on a wall. It is something that lodges in the mind.

Art lives on.


Where the collectors gather.