Russia. World’s biggest playground

Russia. 17 million square kilometres of grass, ice, snow, rock, lakes
and mountains.

One huge platform on which you can make your mark.

Russia shaped you. Now you can shape it.

Opportunity calls. It asks 'Where is the next generation of heroes?'

Answer that call. Use the gift you've been given. Sprint down the world's biggest running track. Dazzle on the world's biggest football pitch. Battle on the world's biggest ice park. Have that basketball backboard begging for mercy.

Climb, hurtle and leap into tomorrow's history books.

If you fall, someone will pick you up. If someone else falls, pick them up.

The only thing bigger than the Russian nation is the Russian heart.

We're in this thing together. We are Russia. Team Russia.

See you out there.

Russia. World’s biggest playground.