Number One, Wall Street

Anybody can follow a trail. But somebody has to blaze that trail in the first place.

In 1784, when America had a population of just 3.8 million, before the New York Stock Exchange even existed, we were founded by one Alexander Hamilton.

With no how-to manuals available, the only option was to lead the way. (When you’re pioneering, nobody’s written the rules yet.)

And we’re here today. Still going strong. Still progressing. Still prospering.

‘Prosper’ is the watchword at BNY Mellon. We see prosperity as a means to a better world. We see prosperity as a successful investments story whose glow can touch everyone. We see prosperity as a constantly-moving, ever-evolving animal. A dynamic entity.

Yes, conservative words like ‘reassuring’ and ‘permanent’ are never far from mind when people think BNY Mellon, but we could only have achieved our reputation for stability through progressive forward-thinking.

We may be custodians of $27,400,000,000,000 today.

But it’s reassuring to know we were there at the very first dollar.

BNY Mellon
Number One, Wall Street