Pub for kids
Pub for kids

Millions of UK parents let their children have alcohol long before they’re 18. Weddings, barbecues, the occasional Saturday night.

And the more kids get a taste for alcohol early on, the more likely they’ll be dependent on it throughout adulthood.

These parents need a jolt. A debate needs starting up.

So, masquerading as a publican husband and wife team, Drinkaware will open Britain’s first pub for kids.

We’ll do it ‘for real’, never giving away that it’s a stunt. The pub will be offering little taster courses in alcohol and be themed in a kid-friendly way. We won’t announce it loudly, we’ll let the story take on a momentum of its own. Hopefully, the closer we get to the opening date, we’ll have stoked up enough outrage in the country. (‘Is this really happening?’)

On opening day, there’ll be a huge crowd of protesters and press outside the pub. Only now would we announce that ‘Of course we’re not going ahead with this. It’s bloody ridiculous.’