Irish Whispers
Irish Whispers

There’s story-telling, and there’s Irish story-telling. It’s infinitely funnier, much weirder, makes for a much better night out.

Crack open a bottle of Jameson with a few close friends and there’s no telling where the story will go. The Irishness just pours out and the chat veers off in the craziest of directions.

Let’s pick a Jameson drinker, and ask him to come up with a story-starter: a one-line idea, it could be anything. (“Mikey sees an Ostrich running down Temple Bar in Dublin”: anything.) We then get another such idea from another Jameson fan elsewhere in the world, and give him the same brief. And so on and so on.

From this crowd-sourced collection of un-associated ideas we’ll make a series of funny, far-fetched films. All seamlessly (?) linked with a thread of ridiculousness.

Irish whispers, where the story grows like crazy each time it gets told.